Strength in Numbers

Dear Team Member:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce, thank you for participating in the Total Resource Development Campaign to provide leadership and financial resources to advance our community into the 21st Century.

Our goal is $500,000 in new revenue. This is more than our Chamber has ever raised before, but certainly achievable if we all work together.

Last year was the third annual Total Resource Development Campaign of the Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce. The campaigned raised $419,455 for new and continuing programs with 68 volunteers producing.

With the tradition of leaders staying involved and top producers coming back year after year, the Chamber can count on the all voluteer campign to generate even more member, sponsor and advertising revenue for the 2007 campaign.

Our campaign is an all-volunteer effort to enlist new members, generate program and event sponsorships, sell advertising in our publications and raise the awareness of the Chamber throughout the nation.

You and your company will be recognized for your involvement and you have the opportunity to be rewarded for your sales with cash and travel incentives. I hope you will set a personal goal to be with us on our Victory Trip to celebrate our success. The trip for two is available to every Campaign volunteer producing $7,500 or more in cash sales.

Our campaign begins with a big kickoff event, Tuesday, May 1, 2007. Then we will gather every couple of weeks to celebrate success and to recognize the week’s producers. These weekly Reward Sessions are a time to get to know present and future leaders, to learn more about the Chamber and its work to improve Bentonville/Bella Vista and to have fun!

I am excited about the opportunity I have to work with you to reach our campaign goal. Please call me or any member of the Board of Directors and certainly anyone on the Chamber staff if you need assistance.

Together we are making a difference for Bentonville/Bella Vista!

Terry Franklin
2007 Campaign Chair
NWA Regional Airport